The other day I was in the bookstore when I came across the comic Love is Love.

This comic was made through many submissions and through the publishers IBW and DC comics. Almost every page is a different comic/story/poem. All of the proceeds go to the victims, families of the victims, and the survivors. There’s even a memoriam of all 49 people who lost their lives in the front of the book.

The different comics honor those lives that were lost, celebrate the LGBTQ community, and support the survivors. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces in these different comics like Harley Quinn, Batman, and Supergirl.

The comics in this book were absolutely heart wrenching and beautiful. I found myself tearing up multiple times and thought this was a great way to see many different emotions through different art such as poems in this book.

Support Pulse, never forget, and never stop dancing. We must not forget this moment. Orlando Strong.

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