During for first visit to Pandora – The World of Avatar we had two meals at Satu’li Canteen and got to sample even more of the food in this amazing new casual dining restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.  To say I was impressed with the food during my first tasting doesn’t do it justice.  But this time around, Satu’li Canteen has truly become one of my new favorite places to eat at Disney Parks.

There’s plenty to look at when you enter the Satu’li Canteen.  Keep in mind this used to be the main cafeteria for the RDA, but it has since been reclaimed by the Na’vi and is now adorned with many of their own natural and homemade decorations.


A quick glance at their menu.  One of the things I love about Satu’li is their bowl option.  You don’t have to choice A, B, or C.  You pick your protein and then select which ingredients you want to go with it!  This not only allows you to personalize your dish to your tastes, but allows for repeatability and variety.


Plus, you see them grilling the meats fresh right in front of you.

Large area for ordering. You can also order on the app ahead of time.  Just order, walk up to the window and pick up your food.  No waiting in line!

Satu’li has a wide variety of specialty drinks.  Two specialty beers – Hawkes’ Grog Ale and Mo’ara High Country Ale,  two Banshee wines, Dreamwalker Sangria, which is a blue sangria, and even the non-alcoholic Pandoran Sunrise tropical juice.


The Hawkes’ Grog Ale is a green wheat ale.  It’s advertised as a bit citrusy, but to me tasted more like a lager than your typical wheat beer.


The Mo’ara High Country Ale is definitely the heavier of the two beers.  It’s much hoppier and full of bolder flavors.  Compared back to back, the Grog Ale was definitely my preference.


I decided to try the sustainable fish as my protein this time with the potato hash and charred onion chimichurri sauce.  The fish was a bit dry, but not as crispy as our first experience.  And of course the potatoes and sauce provided great flavor.  It definitely could have used a bit more sauce, however.


The slow-roasted sliced grilled beef surprised me.  Normally I don’t care for beef/steak options.  But this option is seasoned excellently.  We got it served with the potato hash and the creamy herb dressing.  I’d definitely consider ordering this again.

Also got to try the other Bao Bun steamed pod; this time the vegetable steamed curry option.  This was not was I was expecting. The inside was a bit dryer than expected, but overall the pods have some nice flavor.  I love the vegetable chips which come with the steamed pods.  They’re seasoned just enough, and the slaw adds a nice balance to everything.


The Chocolate Cake isn’t really cake.  It’s more like a mousse, so keep that in mind when you order it.  Me, I’m not a chocolate person, especially if it’s rich.  So one bite is enough for me.  But the banana cream topping with pineapple chunks give this dessert more flavor variety than an average chocolate dessert.

The Blueberry Cheesecake is more my slice of pie.  As you can see, it looks nothing like cheesecake. The inside is a mixture of cheesecake/mousse texture and the outside is surrounded with a delicious fruity coating.  I only wish it was served with a bit more of the passion fruit sauce. Either way, I’ll definitely be getting this again.


Once again, we had amazing meals at Satu’li Canteen.  This new casual dining location inside Pandora is a knock out.  We’ve sampled almost the entire menu and I haven’t had a bad selection yet.  After tasting the different options they serve, my favorite option is the chicken bowl with potato hash and creamy herb dressing. I still believe this will become known at Walt Disney World’s best quick service option.  Now to try the sangria!

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