IMG_2667The new Guardians of the Galaxy ride is hard to miss. You can see it from miles away.  What once was a dark, gloomy hotel tower now stands in it’s place this wildly colorful building.  The outside of the ride doesn’t have much theming to look at. The outside queue has very few details besides a few hidden pieces such as Mantis’ wanted poster and a hatch on the ground with the Avengers insignia, teasing at the future Marvel Land.


However, the inside is absolutely beautiful. There are so many pieces from the different Marvel movies and comics that the Collector has in his collection. There are some that everyone will recognize, such as Cosmo and other pieces like orbs and weapons from the comics.  As you go into the preshow room they have an audio animatronic of Rocket the Raccoon moving around which looks extremely life like!  He says that he needs us humans help to rescue the rest of the Guardians from the Collector.

Then, you get ushered into the elevators to begin your breakout experience.  Along with the different drop sequences, there are 6 different songs that you can get.  The new video sequences and effects during the ride are so clear and beautiful; they really help add to the ride experience.

Overall, the ride is great, but it still lacks the same pizazz that Tower of Terror once had. I miss the creepy ambiance and the unfriendly, creepy, bellhops. Although Guardians of the Galaxy is playing on what’s new and exciting for people, I’ll always miss the classic feel. With the Marvel expansion that’s going on in California Adventure, it does feel right being there.  I can only hope that Hollywood Studios will keep the memory of Tower of Terror alive.

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