On Disneyland’s 62nd birthday, Fantasmic! returned to Tom Sawyer’s island. They had two preview shows the night before for D23 guests, but it officially premiered back on that Monday.

The show is as great as I remember. As Mickey Mouse showed up and the music & lights started going, it was as if I was transported back to being a child, camping out against the rails for hours just to watch the show.

The show had the same storyline as before. Mickey goes through the different world of movies and defeats the villains as he accidentally opens their world.  The lights and the projections got a major upgrade. Not only were the projections on the water clear and enhanced, but they had projections on the house as well that were reminiscent of Celebrate the Magic at Walt Disney World.

They changed the Peter Pan ship to Captain Jack Sparrow’s and took out many of the scenes with the villains.

As much as I loved the new lights and projections I couldn’t help but miss seeing Tick Tock wander through the water and the Evil Queen turn into the Old Hag.

As the years go by they have to update and make things better and make it relevant to the younger generation. Although I miss the Fantasmic! of the past the new one is still stunning and beautiful and my favorite show out of all the Disney Parks.

So whether it’s your first time or 100th time seeing it, I promise when Mickey shows up at the end saying “You may think you’re so powerful… well, this is my dream,” you will still feel so incredibly overwhelmed as you did the very first time.

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