Sometimes, it can be quite the challenge to find craft and especially local craft beers inside of the theme parks, if you aren’t enjoying your time at Epcot that is.  Well, it looks like there’s a new snack cart inside Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando which can now satisfy that craving!

What looks to be located right between the New York and San Francisco sections of the park is a trolley cart serving up snacks and drinks, but not just any drinks, local craft beers!  Here, you have a selection of 4 beers, each from a different city in Florida.  CCheck out the list below.

Credit: Universal Orlando Blog

MIA MIami WeissMiami Weiss Hefeweizen, brewed by M.I.A. Beer Company (Miami, FL)

This is a tradition German-style Hefeweizen.  It’s brewed with wheat, barley and sweet orange peel and contains hints of vanilla, banana and bubblegum esters.  It’s ABV is 6%

orange-blossom-pilsnerOrange Blossom Pilsner, brewed by Orange Blossom Brewing Company (Orlando, FL)

The Orange Blossom Pilsner is a delicious honey beer brewed with real, local orange blossom honey.  It’s not sweet because the sugar in the honey is fermented, leaving OBP tasting crisp and clean.  It’s ABV is 5.5%.

cigarcity-jai-alai-ipaJai Alai IP, brewed by Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL)

Jai Alai is an award winning American IPA named after a game native to the Basque region of Spain.  It has a strong hoppy flavor thanks to six different hops mixed with essence of tangerine and candied orange peel.  It’s ABV is 7.5%.

deep-roots-beer-493x600fDeep Roots Amber Al, brewed by Red Cypress Brewery (Winter Springs, FL)

This amber ale is a hybrid of German and American Styles. It contains aromas of crusty baked bread and balanced hop bitterness.  It has the lowest ABV at 4.5%.

There you have it brew geeks.  Now when you visit Universal Orlando, you can now get your very own local craft beers to sample!

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Source: Universal Orlando Blog

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