Hey everyone, the weekend has come and gone and for those of us who are diehard fans, we’ve all gone out to see the newest MCU film, Spider-Man: Homecoming!  And if you haven’t, get out to your theater to see it.  The film was packed full of new characters, references, and seeds for future Spider-Man sequels and adventures.  So here are our 7 takeaways from Spider-Man: Homecoming.  There are many spoilers in the article about the film.  You have been warned!

1.Homecoming is an origin film without the origin story


As I originally suspected, Homecoming was basically like an origin film without the origin story line.  We don’t see Peter bitten by the spider, though he does mention it.  We also don’t see the death of Uncle Ben. Hell, he isn’t even acknowledged once.  But, we do see Peter fumble around plenty.  (Part of this is due to his new high tech suit thanks to him taking off the “training wheels” setting. But still.)  He is still very new to being a superhero and is learning how to be good at it.  Peter reacts to quickly without thinking, he doesn’t assess the situation properly, etc.

Compared to the first two incarnations of the character in films, this type of learning was often skipped over or minimized.  So this was actually refreshing to see, but also frustrating at the same time because it felt like we were actually watching a film which took place before Captain America: Civil War.  In that film, Spider-Man was very slick and smooth with his web slinging and fighting style, not to mention his quips on the other characters.  But in Homecoming, all of a sudden he was back to learning how to do everything.  So again, frustrating, but refreshing. Really my biggest gripe with the film as a whole.


2. Miles Morales exists in the MCU


Donald Glover is in this film, starting to rack up the Disney money, and plays Aaron Davis.  Now, if you aren’t familiar, Aaron Davis is the Uncle of Miles Morales.  Who is that? Get of my page and go read some comics!

Anyway! During Aaron’s interrogation from Spider-Man, Davis mentions he has a nephew in the city who he wants to keep safe.  This nephew can be none other than Miles Morales!

So whether we see him or not anytime soon, Miles exists, which could be great for the MCU way down the road.  It should also be noted Davis eventually becomes The Prowler, one of Morales’ Spider-Man’s villains.

3. Zendaya is the stand-in MJ


Okay, so this is a touchy subject for many fans and will be forever  Zendaya plays the character Michelle in the film.  She really doesn’t do much other than add comic relief and makes it very clear that she doesn’t have friends or fit in.  In fact, we don’t even know her name until one of the final scenes, in which she says her name is Michelle, “but my friends call me MJ.” *TRIGGERED*  The audience gasps.

To be clear, this was rumored many months ago and to much displeasure and controversy as it is now. #NotMyMJ.  Whatever the case, this can be interpreted many ways.  Marvel could very well be going in a new, unique direction to make their own MJ and if that’s the case, then I expect, and hope, to see much more character development of this MJ in the sequel.

However, it since been confirmed by Kevin Feige himself that this ‘twist’ was in fact more of an homage to the character.  He clarified in an interview she will not end up being their Mary Jane Watson.  So there is still a chance for the true MJ to appear.  I’m sure this will satisfy many fans because come on.  Her name is MICHELLE JAMES! And MJ’s name is Mary Jane.  So this was pretty much Marvel just trolling the fans and teasing of what is to come.

4. Possible Iron Spider Suit


At the end of Homecoming, Peter visits the Avengers’ headquarters located in upstate New York.  Stark is proud of Peter for all that he accomplished on his own during the final climactic battle with The Vulture and officially extends him an offer to join The Avengers. With the offer comes a brand new suit, but it doesn’t appear to just be any old Spider suit.  It’s a new color design (still blue and red), it’s sleek and clearly a big upgrade in the tech area from his first Stark Spider-Man suit.  We don’t get to see much more than this since it’s sitting on a mannequin, but it very much looked like the MCU version of the Iron Spider suit.  Peter declines the offer to join, but with the upcoming Infinity Wars, there is a very high chance we’ll get to see this suit in action sooner rather than later.

5. Marvel isn’t afraid to troll their fans


We already know this with the MJ controversy, but what about the tried and true post-credit scenes?  A true Marvel fan stays until the very end of the credits to see any and all credit scenes.  This has been a staple since the very beginning of the MCU. And Marvel very well knows its fans will do this no matter how big or how little the scene it.  Well, we’ve finally been trolled by Captain America himself.

Throughout Homecoming, we see Cap in short videos giving guidance to the young teenagers and Marvel decided the save the best for last; one all about patience.  I won’t quote it word from word for you, but they definitely poked fun at us waiting around for a scene with very little payoff. Good job Marvel. Good job.

6. The sequel’s possible villain


Mid-movie, we meet a new character played by Michael Mando.  It was already confirmed he was playing Mac Gargan in the film, which got many fans excited and worried about over crowding.  Mac Gargan becomes one of Spidey’s villains, known as The Scorpion.  Gargan doesn’t have much screen time in Homecoming, and he is swiftly knocked off of the barge, never to be seen again… or so we thought.  Cue credits-scene #1, when Toomes/Vulture is in prison, he runs into Gargan who is miraculously still alive. Gargan asks Toomes about the identity to Spider-Man, which he keeps to himself.  Could we be seeing Gargan, who now has a personal vendetta against Spider-Man, return in the sequel as The Scorpion?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

7. Teasing of the Sinister Six


The first credits’ scene also has us wondering about the future of Spider-Man’s villains.  Homecoming was smart with them not killing off Toomes.  Too often we see major villains being killed at the end of the film and then we don’t ever get to see them used again.  But now, Toomes/Vulture is just in prison.  And he’s in prison along with Gargan/Scorpion who is also now after Spider-Man.  We’ve already seen a couple other minor villains – The Shocker and The Tinkerer, but who’s to say we won’t be getting even more villains in the sequel.  Grant it, Marvel has said they don’t have any plans to use villains previously used in films, so we won’t be seeing Doc Oct, Electro, or Sandman, but we can still hold out hope for the MCU’s own version of the Sinister Six.  It could lead to a great story arc. And after seeing Keaton’s Vulture in Homecoming, it would be quite the treat to see him return as the leader of the Sinister Six.

So there you have it geeks.  What did you think of Spider-Man: Homecoming?  What’s your favorite takeaway from the film?  Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all of your geeky needs!


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