Two new add-on experiences are coming to SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove where guests will be able to swim with sharks and stingrays!

Beginning July 14th at SeaWorld’s all-inclusive day resort, Discovery Cove, guests will be able to partake in new experiences on top of their full day adventure.  The main event discovery-cove-logo-2015being added is the all new Shark Swim.   Here, guests will be able to get up-close and swim with several species of sharks.  The new experience includes both a shallow water shark talk & training session with Discovery Cove’s expert aquarists, as well as get the change to swim freely alongside several species of sharks in the deeper part of their habitat.

If that isn’t awesome enough, Discovery Cove plans to donate 5% of the proceeds from Shark Swim to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, which conducts scientific research and hosts educational programs aimed at conserving the marine environment.

The Shark Swim experience can be added onto both All-Inclusive Dolphin Swim and Day Resort packages. All participants must be comfortable swimming in water.


The second add-on experience is the new Ray Feeding.  For this hungry experience, guests will need to arrive early in the morning to join Discovery Cove’s expert aquarists and help them as they feed Cownose and Southern Stingrays. Guests will also get the chance to feed thousands of tropical fish their morning meal before venturing out on a private, guided swim of The Grand Reef.

The Ray Feeding experience can be added onto both All-Inclusive Dolphin Swim and Day Resort packages and takes place Thursday through Monday mornings from 7:00-8:30am. All reservations must be purchased in advance.


Now the cost.  Being add-ons, these experiences are something you have to purchase on top of your full day admission package.  The Shark Swim experience is $85 and the Ray Feeding costs just $50.  However, keep in mind, Discovery Cove prices range from $229 to $379, depending on the date you purchase.  And yes, discounts are available for Florida residents.

So what do you think geeks?  Would you pay for either of these add-ons for you day at Discovery cove?  I know after the closing of Shark Reef at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, it’d be nice to be able to swim with some sharks again.  Thanks for reading.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all of your geeky needs!

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