The Disney Dining Plan is always a popular thing for its resort guests.  There are three options for the plan: the Quick Service dining plan, the Disney Dining plan (quick service and table service), and the Deluxe Dining plan (any where you want).   I, for one, have never really considered it an option for me because every meal comes with a non-alcoholic beverage and adult beverages cost extra.  So for dinner, if and when I want a beer, not only would I pay for the beer, but then I probably would not be ordering image5-1my soda and wasting the money I’d spent on it.  But that’s just me.

Now it’s all changed.  It was rumored last week or so and it’s officially been announced by Disney that the 2018 Disney Dining Plan will now offer alcoholic and even specialty beverages such as milkshakes and smoothies as an option for drinks.  Here’s the announcement below.

Guests of select Walt Disney World® Resort hotels with Magic Your Way Vacation Packages that include a Disney Dining Plan have several new beverage options available.

Beverages – Guests under 21 can choose (1) non-alcoholic beverage (including specialty beverages where offered). Guests over 21 can choose either one (1) single serving non-alcoholic beverage (including specialty beverages where offered) or one (1) single serving mixed cocktail, beer, or wine (where offered) within their meal entitlement.

A single serving non-alcoholic beverage includes items such as:

  • Artisanal Milkshakes
  • Fresh Smoothies
  • Premium Hot chocolates
  • Soda, Coffee, or Tea

A single serving alcoholic beverage includes items such as:

  • Beer or Cider
  • Wine or Sangria
  • Mixed Drinks and Specialty Cocktails

Most beer, wine and mixed drink beverages included, some exceptions apply. Guests must be age 21 and over and present valid ID to be served one (1) alcoholic beverage. Alcoholic beverages may only be redeemed with a quick-service or table-service meal entitlement.

And of course, the DDP will be rising in price, but only slightly.  Really, it looks more like an annual increase, as opposed to one that’s because of the addition of these new offerings.


For the quick service plan, which comes with two counter service meals (entree and drink), and two snacks a day, it will rise from $48.19 to $52.49 a day for adults and $21.75 for children age 3-9.

The Disney Dining Plan comes with one counter service, one table service (entree, drink, dessert/side OR a buffet), and two snacks a day.  This will increase from $69.35 to $75.49 a day for adults and $25.80 for children age 3-9.

Lastly, the Deluxe Dining Plan offers three meals a day, any style (table service now comes with an appetizer), plus two snacks.  This plan will increase from $106.68 to $116.24 a day for adults and $39.90 for children age 3-9

All plans come with the refillable resort mugs.  The Disney Dining Plans must be booked in at least 72 hours advanced and can not be booked when you arrive at your resort.

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