Some very exciting news has just been reported in regards to Frank Miller’s Sin City.  It looks like the comic book series will be getting new life in the form of a TV series.  According to Deadline, The Weinstein Company and Dimension are currently developing a TV series based on Frank Miller’s iconic comic book series, Sin City!

The script will be written by showrunner Glen Mazzara, whose previous credits include The walking Dead, The Shield, and The Omen.  And the pilot will be directed by Len Wisemen, who has previously directed the feature films UnderworldLive Free or Die Hard, and Total Recall (2012).  Wisemen has also directed episodes of Hawaii Five-0, APB, Sleepy Hollow, and Lucifer.


The series is said to be a large “departure from the films” while introducing new timelines and characters not previously seen while staying close to the graphic novels themselves.

As of now, no networks have picked it up, but there are various reports of some interested in the project.  Stephen L’Heureux (Sin City: A Dame To Kill For) is overseeing the development and is producing along with Frank Miller, Mazzara, Wiseman and Bob & Harvey Weinstein.


Whenever we get to finally see this show, it sounds like it has a strong chance of being a top quality production.  Hopefully whoever picks it up is willing to supply a big enough budget to give it the look and feel it needs to be successful.

What do you think fellow geeks?  Does this sound like an exciting project? Will you be tuning in?  Sound off in the comments.  And as always, thanks for reading.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all of your geeky needs!

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