DSCN0222Well this is quite the surprise (even though with everything that’s been coming to WDW over the last year or so, it really shouldn’t be), but as reported by WDW News Today, Walt Disney World will be bringing its own version of the famous Club 33 to the east coast.  But not just to the Magic Kingdom… Club 33 will have a home at all four WDW parks!

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Club 33, it is a unique (and pricey) membership club located inside the New Orleans land of Disneyland.  It was founded by Walt Disney himself so that he had a place to host VIP guests and corporate sponsors.  Membership has grown over the years, and currently there is about a 14 year wait list to join.  But it’s not cheap! To be a corporate member, you only have to pay an initiation fee of $50,000.  If you are an individual member, you pay the initiation fee, plus annual dues of about $15,000!   How’s that for exclusive.

FullSizeRender26As for Walt Disney World, details are sparse at the moment.  Of course, members will get the famous guest service known so well within the Club, and exquisite fine dining.  Each of the four locations will be specifically themed to Walt and Lillian’s world-wide adventures, while also include other yet-to-be announced benefits for the members.

For any who are interested in joining, potential members can email WDWClub33@disneyworld.com for more information.  However, the membership will be site specific and will not include access to the other Club 33 locations worldwide.

More details are said to be announced about the Club in the fall of 2017.

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